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released November 8, 2014

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Previously released Nov 8th 2014. Now reissued & available exclusively on Heligator Records.

"As always, all proceeds from the sale of "II" will go to the Malindza Refugee Camp Library to pay for the general upkeep, supplies and stipend for the librarian. The camp has been experiencing a rough time. Your donations go a long way." Heligator Records

1.running wolf t-shirt
2.rune casting
3.moon fauna
4.första stegen(1st steps)
5.violet golden dream
6.woven field
7.red apature(bethany octane remission)
8.opus flangerhoax
9.starward now

Cassette recordings caught with a Portastudio 4 track tape machine 2003 - 2006. These songs were laid to tape during and around the same time of the s/t release recordings.

Gtr's, Fx, Moog Opus 3, Tape Loops, Rocks, Ocarina, Violin Bow, Ebow & mix - cloudsound
Photo - LB


Heligator Records (run by Tome founder Ryan H.) is extremely excited to bring to you this collection of gold-bathed guitar tones by American-by-the-way-of-Sweden Lee Boyd, who records under the name cloudsound. To me, "II" sounds like it was birthed in discovery. It is an effort to capture moments of unexpected beauty when a pedal is turned ever-so-slightly, or that moment right before dusk when the sky explodes into radiant oranges and reds. "II" is full of moments like that. Faintly oscillating guitar drones, opaque guitar lines etched with waves of distortion that crest just at the right moment. This album is about trying to stake a living in those moments. Turning on the sustain pedal is the aural equivalent of taking a picture. We could live in this hope forever.

Weed Temple -
"The Roman numeral in the title of the new album by Lee Boyd’s solo vehicle cloudsound brings to mind another album with a Roman numeral by a certain New Zealand guitar wizard who also relied on soothing, ambient influenced string vistas: Roy Montgomery. Just like his albums, the sounds of cloudsound rely on musical impressionism, to paint a certain feeling, place of time through a “moon gaze” meditation, but cloudsound seems to be going for shorter pieces, becoming sonic equivalents of grainy snapshots taken with an old analog camera instead of lengthy, single-take scenes a’la Tarr or Tarkovsky played by Montgomery 20 years before. It’s a lovely little album, even it’s the one of the “blink and it’s over” variety. Recommended!"

Sonic Masala -
"The 18th release to come out of Heligator Records, and this one is a longplayer as opposed to the normal single or short form fare the charity based label is known for. Cloudsound is the languid guitar-and-gauze explorations of American-in-Sweden Lee Boyd and II is a meditative journey into hidden inner realms. It's the type of contemplative tapestry that could fit snugly into a New Age therapy session as it could a blissed-out expedition into the unknown, and it's this nebulous grandeur that, rather than detract from its intent, augments it. II will take you wherever you want it to, incrementally, in ephemeral moments that melt into each other just like the cover art's sun melts over the horizon..."

We Need No Swords
"Hermetic guitar tickler cloudsound, aka Lee Boyd. These echoing fragments have something of Dean McPhee’s underwater sprawl about them, but rather than letting the tracks stretch out in glistening waves, Boyd curtails them, often quite abruptly, like soap bubbles that pop when you try to hold them. This brevity seems to be a deliberate strategy. Soul of wit and all that. Boyd seems more interested in capturing fleeting moments rather than creating immersive ambience. Many of the pieces here barely stray above two minutes, and although a little more of tracks like Moon Fauna wouldn’t have gone amiss, that’s rarely a shame, exactly. These tunes do exactly what they’re supposed to. The exception is the seven or so minutes of Violet Golden Dream, whose stately, bleached out grace is so unhurried that it seems to exist in a whole different universe to the rest of us. Listening to it, I feel like Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan gazing upon the creation of the universe. Yet for the most part, these nine pieces are faded polaroids, barely remembered memories, or glimpses from the window of a moving car. And, like those things, these golden miniatures seem capable of holding a whole universe within them."

cloudsound 2015



cloudsound Umeå, Sweden

If clouds sounded like tape hiss

individual imprinting on the collective body of the ambient drone
continuum of variably pastoral redundancy

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